Professional Writing Services

Contributed Articles

These are written pieces commissioned by your organization to be written for publication. They will likely contain a special slant, for a message you a trying to communicate; or may be about an upcoming event. They usually include some special quotes, and some sort of action item desired. These can be a part of a larger public relations campaign.

Generally 3-5 hours at $100/hr.

Written Publication

A written publication can take many forms. It may be as simple as a brochure about the business, or may be a small book, catalog, or informational poster. The sky is the limit! Switch Up Consulting can provide service support from the planning stage through the gathering of information to writing, design and publishing.

Hourly based upon what is to be produced, $100/hr.

Online Publication

An online publication is similar to a written publication as far as the research and information gathering. The difference is in how the text is prepared and paired with graphics to make it easy to scan.

Hourly based upon what is to be produced, $100/hr.

Branding and Design

These services are also available for your project. Once an assessment has been done about your goals and opportunities to communicate with your publics, an estimate for services such as business cards, brochures, advertisements and other media can be provided.

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