Digital Communication Audits

Do you feel challenged in writing your own story? 

People running businesses are usually good at something. They have a special skill or training that they’d like to use to make a living or for the greater good. Generally though, it’s hard to both run a company, and use that special skill, and be great at telling your own story. In many cases, copy (the content that is¬†published about the business) is inconsistent or incomplete. In many cases, there’s more to the story than what a busy business person can put together. That’s when you hire Switch Up Consulting to write your copy and tell your story. But, before that occurs, Switch Up can help you assess inconsistencies in your copy and messaging.

Content or Messaging Assessment

An audit or assessment can be conducted of what you are saying and how you are saying it across different mediums. Maybe you need a PR Campaign, or maybe you just need an extra set of eyes on some items to ensure consistency, transparency or effectiveness.

Hourly $100/hr.

Website Copy or Messaging Assessment

So you are ready to redesign your website? Switch Up Consulting can help! Before issuing a Request for Proposals, or worse, hiring a web company without really knowing what you want, talk to us. Jennifer Ferrero, lead consultant has been involved with website development since the early years. She can advise on your web-based communications, platform, messaging and website content before you move ahead with the project. Call Switch Up Consulting first! 509-795-0978

Hourly $100/hr.

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