Press Release and Media Pitching Services

Do you have a message that you’d like to send? 

Media acceptance of a pitch is based upon two things:

  1. How well the pitch is put together (i.e. ease of reviewing it, key point of message, proper quotes)
  2. Timeliness, importance of topic, or reason for the media to pick it up (i.e. local story or person, current event in region, key topic for region, human interest, right time/place)

Press release writing

Preparing a press release is based upon a few key items: 

  • Development of key message/point of release – usually a key person in your organization will call Switch Up Consulting to go over your desires
  • Determination of whose quote will best resonate with the media, either by role or proximity to the topic
  • Understanding of the desired action for the release once it is pitched to the media

This item is priced per hour, but usually takes between 2-4 hours to create at $100/hr.

Media pitches

Successful media pitches are based upon the following attributes: 

  1. An identified media market – who are we targeting?
  2. Why should they care?
  3. What would interest them and how can we make it work for them?

Media pitches start with creating an identified and agreed upon list that we will target. Next, messaging surrounding the pitch, that will accompany the media or press release, is created. Then the pitch occurs to the targeted list and a spreadsheet of responses is maintained. Ideally, a selection of those that have been pitched will reply and will agree to run all or a portion of the information.

Some variables in what the media will do with the information: 

  • Turn a pre-written, contributed article into their own piece with some of the key information that you submitted to them.
  • Take the pitch and create a new story written by their reporters that contains any and all information that you pitched to them.
  • Take the general concept and piggyback it into something else they are working on.
  • Attend, and cover an event you have pitched, with a focus on what their audience needs to hear (from their perspective) about the pitch.

Media pitches as a service as conducted on an hourly basis at $100/hr. Time is tracked and reports are available. An estimated amount of time can be provided once Switch Up Consulting is aware of your requirements.

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