“My career experience and portfolio have been diverse. It’s been enjoyable to work with a great team of staff and contractors. I am now looking to focus on my core passion – public relations and communications.” Jennifer Ferrero

2015 was a demanding year for Switch Up Web & Marketing.

The company was in its fifth year and we struggled to find our niche in the marketplace. While we saw success with work in government, community and some specific commercial industries, we had a strong desire to move into more strategic communications and marketing. We went after many larger marketplace projects and responded to RFPs where we felt we could offer full-service development. We became certified as a woman-owned business and registered with state and federal governments.

But alas, the marketplace is extremely competitive in website development and marketing services. At times it felt like pushing a boulder up-hill. Obtaining quality projects became tougher and we realized that while we were good at many things, the industry is changing rapidly and it demands expertise in a multitude of areas – some that were outside of our budget for research and development.

Instead of fighting for the business, I chose to gift my book of business to another company. I shopped around to find a good fit for my clients. Above all, I want the clients to be taken care of in all of their website and marketing needs.

I chose Well Dressed Walrus to take over my marketing and website customers. They are reliable, and genuine people with a passion for what they do. Also, just a year prior had purchased my original book of business (originally sold in 2008) from Spokane Web Communications. Everything seemed to come full-circle in meeting with them.

I am very satisfied with this decision and feel proud to have eliminated the struggle.

I can now work on what I am passionate about and I can bring my deep knowledge and passion to my future clients. My clients with Switch Up Web & Marketing will be well taken care of by Well Dressed Walrus.

In 2016, I will re-open for business with a new menu of items to serve clients with consulting in public relations and communications.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jennifer Ferrero, consultant
Switch Up Consulting