By Jennifer Ferrero, APR

A year ago, I started thinking about making a change in my business. Website development was becoming cumbersome, and I felt determined to re-invent my career into something of passion.

With a 17-year background in client work focused on communications (print, Web, and social media), I researched the Public Relations Accreditation through the Universal Accreditation Board and the Public Relations Society of America. As a member of PRSA, I had many great resources at my fingertips.


I tool the online cohort class for APR, as there was not an in-person cohort in my community. I also worked remotely with a study partner for several months. We studied several times a week together and learned to support and cheer each other on in the process.

After eight months – Four textbooks, a detailed study guide, weekly study appointments and cohort assignments – I scheduled the computer-based exam.

During the exam, I was terrified of the questions – it was difficult because the questions were all scenario-based. Some dealt with communication theories – others with ethics; but mostly everything was based upon having a careers-worth of knowledge, decision-making, and a good understanding of business acumen.

The good news is that I passed all of the requirements to become Accredited in Public Relations. I have extremely proud of myself having committed to, and finished this process.

The best part? I now have a passion and excitement for my career again!

Please contact me if you are thinking of going for your APR – happy to help answer questions!

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