By Jennifer Ferrero

Traditional media techniques were focused on outbound communications – meaning that the media was “pushing” information out to you. Sometimes that information was commercialized or editorialized, sometimes it was just direct information being shared with a broad audience.

As communications have evolved, along with an inundation of messages per day, businesses can create more interest in their companies by providing clear, routine, and helpful information and data about their business and industry through their own means. What this means is that if you publish good information, it may be found in web searches, and can ultimately help people to find your business. That may provide exposure/awareness to your products or services that can help others. This method is called inbound communications.

Outbound communications are not dead; but inbound communications can be a way for a business to have control and influence over how more publics (distinct audiences) see their brand.

Here’s a helpful infograph that I created to demonstrate the difference!