By Jennifer Ferrero, APR

As business owners, we are usually good at making or creating a product or service. Often it’s a passion that drives our work. But, because running a business is a complicated endeavor, where we all wear many hats in the business, it’s tough to truly see the big picture.

Through 17 years of business consulting, primarily in marketing, Web, and public relations, it is more common than not for businesses to not understand their audiences (i.e. replace with publics, patients, customers, buyers, vendors, etc…). In hundreds of meetings, I have asked, “who are you serving,” or “what is your purpose as a business,” and generally these are the questions that stump most business owners and operators. You aren’t alone!

Again, this isn’t necessarily a fault or a negative, it just means that sometimes it’s best to work with an objective, and experienced third party to help you see the “big picture” in your business. Through the public relations planning, we are going so much more than just assessing the company. We are helping a company to reach true, measurable objectives toward successfully reaching publics. This can mean causing changes in behavior, awareness, opinions, and ultimately whether they will continue to do business with you.