By Jennifer Ferrero, APR

In today’s world of message over-saturation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why, depending upon the medium (i.e. Facebook/Twitter vs. print magazines or newspapers) it can make sense to condense your message down to the smallest version of itself, and then add an image.

In working with your PR professional, ideally you will create a PR Plan, and a series of consistent messages that follow your brand, and communication objectives. When using messages consistently, you’ll have more impact. You may have a handful of messages available to you to filter out through social media, advertising, and even via elevator speeches at networking events.

In simplifying a message to obtain more impact on social media, you may consider these examples: 

Identified message: “As a company, we encourage ethical behavior and want our customers to understand that we will keep information confidential and deal with it professionally.” 

On social media, here’s the shortened version of the message:


Using Morgan Freeman, through free stock art, as our spokesman, the message is shortened for impact.

Here’s another one. 

Identified message: “It often takes up to 10 touch-points for a public to remember a message. Through multiple methods or repetition, you can encourage publics/audiences to commit the message to memory and to take action.”

On social media, here’s a shortened version of the message: 


In this case, Matthew McConaughey was used as the spokesperson, and the message shortened to “Repeat Messages for Audiences to Remember.” Easy, right?

Last one – this one is fun. 

Identified message: “Strategies are high-level concrete methods for achieving goals and tactics are the individual tasks to help us get there.”

Shortened message: “We strategically open restaurants. We tactically make burgers.”



Results of shortening and adding photos

Through this case study of taking identified messages and shortening them for social media, or other purposes, I have seen an 10x increase in posts.

  • Traditional message with text in a post = 10 views 
  • Shortened message with image in a post = 100+ views

For help with creating a PR Plan that includes your company messaging, as well as advice on creating your own shortened messages, please contact me.