By Jennifer Ferrero, APR

What type of business do you operate?

  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Non-profit

Knowing the type of business and the broad audience you are seeking is a good way to start.

Let’s say that you are a non-profit organization. From there you can narrow down groups of people that you’d like to reach. For example, I am involved with the non-profit group Toastmasters. It is an international organization that helps people become better at leadership and public speaking. We know a couple of things about our audiences:

  • They will likely be in a local geographic area to travel to weekly meetings
  • They will be people interested in self-improvement; or perhaps they have been selected by their manager to become better at public speaking or leadership

From here, we can start to narrow down those that might be interested in attending a meeting, or membership.

Since we are in Liberty Lake, WA, we want to share information about the club with folks in Liberty Lake. We also want to reach businesses in Liberty Lake that have employees who might benefit from the club.

So, you see how with an organization, you can start to narrow down your audiences (known as “publics” in the PR world.)

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