Chris Traeger, a character on the show Parks and Recreation (played by Rob Lowe – now on Netflix) is a “yes man.” When he is approached he offers enthusiasm and excitement, and he makes each person feel special.

His character is pleasant to watch, and aside from Rob Lowe’s natural good looks, I think how nice it would be to work with such a kind-hearted and energetic person.

How many of you work with people who are “no” people? I know that I do.

When I hear people saying “no” to a person or idea, and especially to those in leadership roles, I think, “I believe they are saying no because they will either have to do more work or because it wasn’t their idea.” Of course there are other reasons why people can’t answer in the affirmative, but often those responses are riddled with excuses.

I always value those with energy and enthusiasm – and those that say “yes” when asked to help.

Saying yes is engaging and can lead to positive perceptions about you – and opportunities in your career.

When was the last time you said yes?

Yours in clarity,
Jennifer Ferrero, APR, CC, CL
Switch Up Consulting
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