Public relations is a deep field – but one area where we can all relate is public persona. Some may call it personal branding, and as individuals, we can have our own public persona – that is, how people view us and our skills, capabilities, thoughts and actions.

A public persona can include characteristics that earn us names like “hot mess,” “scattered,” or “disorganized.” There can also be positive public personas that tell people that you are smart, articulate, kind, or good at listening. Often a person’s public persona will follow them into different jobs, along with a reputation.

If you ask a friend for a referral about someone they might say, “He’s nice, but he doesn’t follow-through.” Or, “She’s good at what she does, but she’s a terrible listener!”

In my world of running small businesses, I have learned something important – be how you want others to perceive you. If that is a list of characteristics that you think are important to you, then those are the right ones. That is, with friends, acquaintances, co-workers and even family members, be consistent.

For me, I want people to see me as:

Kind to all types of people
Caring about family and community
Good at listening
Put together and organized
Good at what I do
Rooted in family and commitment
Technical and current
Always learning and evolving

Those are just a few of the characteristics that are important to me in my public persona.