Is your organization at risk? Yes! Every business and organization is at risk for something to go wrong. It can be as simple as a billing error that is accidentally rolled out to customers – or an accident or act of terrorism.

Living in fear, without a plan, is a terrible idea. It’s much better to confront what could happen and plan for how you will react and communicate to your publics.

Five steps for preparedness:

  1. Start by defining a list of all of your publics.
  2. Next, by brainstorming, identify a list of everything that could go wrong based upon the nature of your business, and your publics.
  3. Conduct research to obtain facts, numbers, and statistics to substantiate your planning.
  4. Identify priority problems and opportunities.
  5. Develop a plan with timelines, objectives, goals, strategies and tactics.

With this planning in place, you will be ready if and when something goes wrong.

Yours in clarity,
Jennifer Ferrero, APR, CC, CL
Switch Up Consulting
Public Relations & Communications Consulting