Find Out What People Think & Change Behaviors

Surveys and interviews

Finding out what customers, clients, patients – otherwise known as your “publics” think is a critical part of doing business. If you make assumptions that everyone is happy, you may be wrong. Take time to survey publics through online surveys, interviews, or focus groups, and you won’t be disappointed.

What we can learn by asking questions

  • Levels of satisfaction
  • Ideas for new products, programs and more
  • Concerns about the business owners, managers, or employees
  • Dissatisfaction with how things are done – or regarding a change in the business
  • Miscommunication about a recent issue

What we can do with this new information

  • Call people and talk one-on-one about the concern or issue – which often solves the problem
  • Develop a better campaign roll-out in the future
  • Create an ongoing communication plan for the target public – or all publics
  • Invest in awareness building techniques
  • Solve a business-critical problem

Contact Jennifer Ferrero, APR today to find out more about asking the right questions and how to proceed, 509-795-0978.