Get Into the Media & Build Awareness

Getting into the media

Reasons why businesses want to get into the media:

  • Promote their business idea or service
  • Tell an important story
  • Publish event information and get the word out
  • Share about a change in the business
  • Publicize a book, publication, or media item that has relevance

Getting into the media can be done in several ways. Contact me to learn more about getting your story told in the media.

Building Awareness

Building awareness about a business name, its services, employees, or events is critical to almost every business today. Competition is fierce, and you should have a plan that will help you to continually build brand awareness for the company. Here are some things that we can do to build awareness:

  • Send out a press release about a change in the business – new product, new employees, business name change
  • Develop a series of events to share your knowledge – often done as an educational series, can also be done to communicate about products or services with existing customers.
  • Develop a community networking plan
  • Build up your social networks
  • Send out enewsletters (with a defined editorial plan)
  • Seek media coverage (which can take a variety of forms)
  • Advertising

No matter how you slice it, building awareness is business critical and should be a part of your communication and public relations planning.