Get Out of the Media & Out of a Conflict

Get out of the media

If you suddenly find your business or persona being profiled, or reporters are calling asking questions – call Jennifer Ferrero for help! Some quick tips if you find yourself in this situation:

  • First make a call to a PR firm and tell them the truth about what is going on. Call Switch Up and Jennifer Ferrero at 509-795-0978.
  • Document the facts and the timeline.
  • Be ready to share the names and those involved with the PR firm so that you can get help.
  • When the reporter calls, ask them their name and contact information. Tell them that you are aware of the issue, but will need to get back to them with more information.
  • Don’t answer any questions or respond to allegations without being prepared. You are under no obligation to immediately issue a response.
  • Your PR firm, like Switch Up will rapidly create a Crisis Plan to help set things right for you and your company. The plan will be implemented.

Crisis or conflict situations

In some cases, a crisis situation isn’t that you are in the media, without wanting to be, but perhaps you have a conflict with another business or person. This is also an issue that can harm you, your name, your business and employees. Call Switch Up for support in developing a communication strategy, to include implementation of tactics, that will solve this communication problem, or issue before it escalates.