Washington Dental Service Foundation

Media Pitch Project

This organization had a contributed article that was written by a Washington dentist that was targeted to seniors and those nearing retirement. The purpose of the story was to communicate that Medicare does not cover dental, and what seniors can do to take better care of their teeth.

We determined that print publications with a senior section and/or publications that cater to an older demographic would be most receptive to this pitch.

Through this determination, we created a list of key publications to target with the issuance of the story and pitched the story for publication along with submitted photos.

One example of how this story was picked up is via the Spokesman Review in Spokane. A reporter liked the content of the story, and asked to use the quotes, but also to make the story more locally focused. They used the content and concept of the story and wrote their own version, with permission from the client, which was published in the Spokesman’s senior section.

View the article: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2016/aug/08/financial-decay-dental-care-can-threaten-retiremen/

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