WUATC Public Relations & Event Plan

WUATC Public Relations & Event Plan

Business development and public relations planning

There is a movement in Washington State to understand and embrace the FAA rules surrounding unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones.

Through Jennifer Ferrero’s affiliation with the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing, and with design support from Selina Starno, they worked with the Washington Unmanned Aircraft Technology Coalition (WUATC) to create a brand.

The work included: 

  • Initial business development, creation of purpose, mission, vision, audiences
  • Development of a website and its copy; to include SEO and functionality
  • Development of branded materials to help sell the idea to industry, government and academic interests

Ongoing work includes: 

  • Planning and execution of a public relations and event plan for the organization’s first conference
  • Ongoing work with the coalition members for future business development
  • Support and recommendations for social media

Local news coverage

  • An event was held in Sunnyside, WA in September 2016 with the following publics: High school students, military, regional government representatives, private industry, school district representatives.
  • A press release allowed us to obtain local news coverage of the event on NBC out of Yakima (conference was in Sunnyside, WA)

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