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Do you need help with developing internal or external communications? What about copy writing for websites, brochures, newsletters, print ads? I also provide public relations strategic planning and offer public speaking services. I look forward to solving your communication challenges! 

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Why PR Services

All businesses and organizations can benefit from improved communication and awareness. These services preface company marketing tactics and yield higher results when implemented first! 

Jennifer Ferrero, APR, ACB, ALB

Consultant, Switch Up Consulting

Center of Excellence

Long-term contract to manage websites, social media, publishing, public relations, marketing, outreach for two Centers of Excellence in Washington state

Special Mobility Services

Flyers, ads, strategic PR planning and outreach, market research, logo development, awareness building, ad placement

Whitworth Water District

Public relations advisory role

Project Growth Consulting

Media Kits, content editing, article pitching

Colleen Russell, author publicity

Media outreach planning, press release and flyer development, pitching and placement, book publicity

Freelance/Published Writing

Aerospace industry published articles

Public relations & communication consulting services

  • Improve communication with customers and employees

  • Understand competition in your industry and growth trends

  • Build brand awareness

  • Know your message and tell your story

  • Communicate consistently and measure success

  • Create results-oriented campaigns

  • Reach out to the media with your story or clarify your story

Rapid improvements at a reasonable price 

Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM

Public Relations Consultant/Contractor


Get into the media & build awareness


Get out of the media & a crisis situation


Plan for growth and better results using PR strategy


Find out what people think & change behaviors


Reach new audiences (publics)


Deal with communication issues


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