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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of developing content for your customers and prospects.

It is a method of business building using content that educates and provides information about your business and services.

It helps you to convert prospects to customers while engaging with them long-term. 

“I work with manufacturers to write blogs, newsletters, and feature articles to describe the company’s technical competency and manufacturing capability to help them grow their customer base and increase brand awareness.”

Special expertise in writing about manufacturing, aerospace, helicopters, space, rotorcraft, and agriculture.

Hire me to write for your business!

Hi, I'm Jennifer Ferrero

I'm a writer and content marketer.

I write and edit feature stories, blog posts, newsletters, social posts, website copy, press releases, advertising copy, scripts, and much more. If you need writing for a business application, I can help. 

-BA Communications, Boise State University
-Nationally Accredited in Public Relations (APR)
-Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) 
-Professional B-to-B writer for 25+ years 
-Solution Provider, Constant Contact
-Proficient in WordPress, Constant Contact, HubSpot, MailChimp, and other publishing software

What is the ROI of content marketing?

• Improved SEO on your website
• Improved awareness of your business, services, and how to contact you
• Engagement with your webinars, events, and podcasts
• Demonstrated industry expertise
•Proof of concept to your prospects
•Direct sales
•Engaging prospects in your sales funnel

Where would I find examples of content marketing?

• In website copy
• In a website blog
• In a company newsletter
• On the company’s social media channels
• In company videos
• In a company news section
• In earned media
• In trade show materials
• In trade publications

How does content marketing look?

 • Homepage content that is directed to your targets
• Current blog posts on a variety of industry topics
• Current media and news section of the website, including re-posting of earned media
• A monthly newsletter segmented into different audience groups and your goals with them
• Press releases that announce your new products and services to the media

Recent Work Preview

These are the most recent projects by Ferrero Agency. See all recent content marketing work under Portfolio or Articles in the main navigation. 

Boeing Exclusive News, Northwest Aerospace News Magazine, "Tanker Transcendence." 

Article about Bridgeways (manufacturing facility feature), Northwest Aerospace News Magazine, "From Adversity to Prosperity."

Article about working with an international translator and marketing company when expanding internationally, Verbio, for Northwest Aerospace News Magazine, "Is International Expansion on Your List?" 

Aerial Firefighting, AirMed&Rescue Magazine, "Technology and teamwork, approaches to wildfire management."

Pesticides for the non-farmer, Wheat Life Magazine, March 2024

Marketing services for Top Drawer Media and its affiliated customers. 

Airbus Helicopters 2024, RotorPro Magazine, "2024 Program Updates." March/April 2024.

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Public Relations Society of America, member, and National Accreditation in Public Relations

NIMA/I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference

2024 Marketing Manager, and member 

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