Case Studies

What outcomes should you expect regarding content marketing and PR?

NW Aerospace News Magazine
-Articles for the publication, as assigned by the publisher (interviewing, writing, editing, courtesy review)
-Newsletters to promote the magazine and advertisers
-Social media channels managed: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Results: 12 newsletters sent over six months, open rate between 24-36%
, social posts five days per week on LinkedIn (558 new followers in six months; 9,416 impressions), Twitter (50 posts in three months), and Facebook (one month reached 250+ people, 89 engagements, 63 reactions.) Three press releases, news placements. 

Erickson, Inc. 
-Blog posts on a variety of industry topics (research, interviewing, writing, editing, posting in WordPress)
-Newsletter support and writing
-Press release writing 
-Website content

-Case studies

Generated new blog from scratch (31 articles published in 1.5 years), improved SEO, built awareness for business, wrote marketing copy for trade shows, media outreach and exposure. Example, first 30 days for one article 69 visits, 48 clicks, 3 min 10 sec on page. Blog visitors, measurement in one quarter - 1200+ visitors.

I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference & Expo 
-Serving as marketing manager
-Managing schedule and writing newsletter content
-Advising on website content updates
-Print marketing content management
-Social media posts
-Media outreach and press releases

Sold out audience two years in a row through marketing efforts over 200 attendees. Brand awareness building, improved expo attendees. Comparing two newsletters for March and April 2023 - open rate 32-38%, click rate 4-5%, unsubscribe is only 1% per newsletter. Social posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - reach 58, audience 370, audience growth 1.65%. 

Art Chowder Magazine

Role: Manage newsletters and social media for an art enthusiast magazine, published nationally. 

Results: Published eight consistently branded newsletters in six months to 1,500+ recipients. Open rate 31-37%. Social media channels managed: Instagram, Facebook (last month, post reach 1,068; post engagement 351), Twitter (229 following, 63 followers), LinkedIn (496 followers).

Crave NW 

Role: Promote the event to traditional media outlets in Spokane, and the greater region. Find opportunities for earned media. 

Results: Worked with two television stations, KXLY, and KREM for two separate live remotes to promote the event. Provided fact sheets to reporters and lined up interviews with Chefs in the organization. Set up stories with print publications. Event sold out for three days. Two TV spots secured with KXLY and KREM; with Chef and reporter coordination. Secured future print media for next year.

JH Aero

Role: The business owner wanted to transition the business from a general name to one specific to the aerospace industry. We changed the name to JH Aero and redeveloped the content on the website to reflect new services. 

This is a new update for this business and we are preparing to roll out additional communication channels to the owner's audience to promote the business.